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UniPos DOP6001

Beam optical smoke detector


The DOP6001 beam smoke detector is designed for detection of smoke, nascent at the beginning stage of fire. It is especially suitable for protection of rooms, in which appearing of smoke, in the first phase of fire origin, is expected. This type of fire detector is, also, recommended for protection of places, where, due to large protected area, would be necessary to use of large number of point smoke detectors.
Technical data

Operation voltage: 17-24 V
Duty mode current (optional): 5mA or 2.2mA
Fire condition current at 20 V: 20 mA
Current at optical ray interruption: <0.8 mA
Sensitivity (optional): 18%, 30%, 50%
Operation distance range with reflector: from 5 to 50 m
Operation distance range with set of reflectors: from 40 to 100 m
Number detectors in line: 1
Number detectors with addressable devices FD7201 or FD7201S: 1
Voltage of the laser target: 9V
Operation temperature range: -25оС to +55оС
Relative humidity: 95% at +40 оС
Dimensions: 128 х 79 х 84 mm
Weight: 0.350 kg
Casing material: white

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