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UniPos SB 112F

Outdoor sounder SB 112F


SB 112F is designed to signalize for fire sound signal in fire alarm systems. The sounder is compatible with fire alarm panels, which provide in alarm mode output 24 V.
SB 112F is high frequency armored sounder. The box is produced from steel sheet with thickness 1 mm with polymer covering.
The sounder is complete with lamp 24V/5W, which flash with frequency 1.5 Hz in alarm mode.
SB 112F works good in wide range of supplying voltage.


Technical characteristics:

Supply voltage: 12-30VDC
Consumption at 24V: 200 mA
Sound pressure at distance 1ft by axces at 24 V: >118dB
Main sound frequency: 2.8 kHz – 3.2 kHz
Modulate sound frequency: 1.5 Hz
Light effect – sulphite lamp: 24V / 5 W
Output power for light effect: 10 W
Dimensions: 205 x 175 x 75 mm

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